Diaries to Blogging: A Fresh Start

So I’m supposed to start a blog for class this journalism class I’m taking. Now I generally have no issue doing what’s asked or assigned (unless it’s some crazed stat problem that leaves me doodling) but I have one major issue with blogging: I’ve never done it. Everyone thinks girls love to write in journals and diaries growing up. And while I’m sure a ton do; that’s not exactly me. Writing down thoughts, feelings, and the like seemed like such a waste a time, so very egocentric, I never had any use for it. Growing up I had a younger brother, as well as a healthy appetite to compete and be active. So I was in softball, soccer, ballet, karate, gymnastics and various other activities along the way which resulted in a rather large drawer of completely untouched and unused diaries. About the time I finished High School I realized that while the notion was nice, I was never going to use any of them, so I gave them away to girls who would. I felt bad for never taking advantage of a chance to use words to illustrate my thoughts, but I never had the desire to sit down and write what I was feeling before; paint, sketch, mold clay, grab pliers and work on wire yes, but write? Never. Then I hit college and I was in a different state, a rather different part of the country than I was used to, surrounded by people I had never met. I don’t know exactly why but it made me want to write. So I went out and bought a journal, since I had tossed all the ones I’d been given, and tried to keep up with it. For a while it worked, like one entry every few weeks. Then I started to forget it once I made some friends and started going out to new places. Sophomore year, it dropped even more, like one entry for each semester, so at this point I’m obviously excelling at writing and keeping things up to date. But that year I started writing just for the hell of it on my laptop one night; not for some class, no entries, or dates, nothing like that, just writing about my life and different things I had been going through, what I was thinking. And while I’m sure that sounds like a diary entry it never felt like one; the only date listed was the last edited, there was never a “Dear Diary,” it was just how I was feeling at the time, not trying to recount or rehash what had happened recently. So when I heard I had to blog I was exactly thrilled after recalling such experiments in the past. But I feel as if this could become a good thing, like that final push that I need to get me past whatever inhibitions or doubts I’ve felt about what to pursue with the rest of my life. Not that college is supposed to set you up for that, but hey so far it’s been pretty damn good. With any luck this account won’t become like those old donated diaries or the journal lying about with unfinished entries. Considering this’ll be graded, expect more posts to come.


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