Bayer School of Natural & Environmental Science

The Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences stands out from the other educational buildings on Duquesne University’s campus.  Located on Academic Walk, between Mellon Hall and Old Main, the building itself has quite a different construction than the others.  Steps lead up to the main entrance, Bayer is mainly brick with a large open entranceway and a wall of glass for students to view the rest of campus as they continue their studies.  Bayer was founded back in 1994 in order to separate the natural and environmental sciences from the liberal arts, up until that point science was found in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts (Duquesne University).  The building was to create distinction and provide more classes for science majors.  The building name, Bayer, is in honor of the pharmaceutical corporation bearing the same name.  The majority of students who utilize the building, it’s classrooms upstairs, and the three main lecture halls are science students; whether it’s environmental and forensic sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, and pharmacy students, as well as other courses of study, they all co exist within that one building (Duquesne University).  Erica Carbaugh, a third year pharmacy student is quite excited about the new renovations “they just remodeled a room on the second floor, Center for Pharmacy, with its own counter and typical OTCs in the back, as a part of their changing curriculum.” So the school has adjusted with the times and continues to move forward helping their students to learn more and to become more hands on.

Pictures of Bayer

Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


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