“By day’s end, poor Ben had become one of God’s most pathetic creatures-a Red Sox fan” Fever Pitch

Perfect way to start a film about the Boston Red Sox. It sums up every fans situation perfectly. Fever Pitch has always been one of my favorite films to watch; it’s a romantic comedy (appealing to my inner chick) a sports film (appealing to my inner guy) has Jimmy Fallon and features a tale spun around the 2004 Red Sox’s and their championship run and eventual World Series Title, breaking the curse of the Bambino once and for all. I have to admit that like Ben (Jimmy Fallon’s character) I fell in love with Fenway Park at a young age. While my family and I were vacationing in Boston one year in in the early 2000’s we took in a game at Fenway, or at least attempted to until the game was cancelled thanks to a thunderstorm. But the park was gorgeous even amidst the sheets of rain soaking us all to the gills. The Green Monster was massive, the Pesky Pole, retired jersey numbers, the stone work under the field, it was just beautiful. Being a Jersey Girl, I suppose that I should have hated it, but before this trip I had no allegiance or hometown loyalty, and Boston was just so much more. I became a Red Sox fan and I have been ever since. But this past season challenged that a bit. The Sox’s changed management, out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye to Terry Francona and Theo Epstien, the coach and GM who helped to put together the winning teams in 2004 and 2007, instead we get Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherrington. Also gone are some major faces; crazy closer Jonathan Papplebon, formerly beloved starter Josh Beckett, the Greek God of Walks Kevin Youkillis, as well as Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzales, and more in less than a year. As some fans see this as a good thing, others are left wondering what are they thinking? As they continue to drop in the standings and claim it was all for the sake of a wild card chance, I’m just left to sit there shaking my head in disbelief wondering what happened. Being a Soxs fan means that you live and die with the team, there’s more than meets the eye and you can put up with a lot, pain and otherwise. This team had such spark, tenaciousness, and vivacity, but now the future is murkier than ever and I’m left to join the millions of other Soxs fans out there in hoping for a better season next year….


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