3 Weeks In

So three weeks of classes later and I still want to be in class. Honest. Well most of them. I absolutely love my sports marketing course, the professor is a Pirates front office alum and is so knowledgeable about the field, learning in that class is actually fun and interesting as opposed to a chore. It’s a 9.25 AM class that I actually want to be there, be on time, and stay wide awake for the whole hour and fifteen minutes; which if you know me, that means a lot. I am not a morning person, though I have changed since freshman year when I used to sleep in until 11-this only occurs now on weekends if I’m up until 4 am. But for the most part I’m actually happy with my courses, which is something that I haven’t been able to honestly say since I was in high school taking ceramics, sculpture, drawing etc. All the business classes last year fried me out. Literally I did not have one course that I could stand to be in; I survived by doodling in the margins-leading to a whole page of black ink-reading something other than the course material-there were days that I even fell asleep, painted my nails, or made chainmail jewelry. As you can tell I was a very dedicated student. But I honestly could not stand even just being in some of the classrooms. It nauseated me and made me want to run. I didn’t feel as if I belonged or had any reason to be there. That’s definitely a big factor in my decision to double major. Mixing sports marketing and journalism is probably the best educational decision that I’ve made since choosing to come to Duquesne and stay at Duquesne. I honestly love my classes-with the exception of sales, but hey the semester’s young only 1/5, still just a baby, there’s always a chance that I’ll grow to love the rest of them. For once I’m actually feeling optimistic. Hopefully this feeling keeps up, as well as the blog; I actually feel like I’m starting to get into the groove of things.


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