Kovach and the Truth

Kovach writes that news professionals over time have developed a loose set of principles, and chief amongst them is that journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.  Which sounds like a completely absolute statement with no wiggle room, yet stories are published which are not strictly true.  The truth confuses people.  Is it strictly factual?  Or does it require more than that?  Journalism is supposed to be completely objective, however everyone has certain biases and prejudices before they even enter a situation.  There is no one amongst us who is completely free of all biases and completely objective.  Yet journalism must continue to pursue the truth by constantly seeking out accuracy and fairness.  There is a constant struggle to keep the truth hidden when it could possibly upset the current state of being, such as in a governement setting.  Journalism must be careful to distinguish itself and maintain factuality as oppposed to becoming opinion or rumor based.  Truth, is what sets journalism apart from all other methods of communication.  It becomes a converstation, back and forth seeking the truth underneath the falsehoods, underneath it all.


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