Kovach “Journalism of Verification” Bias

Journalism should be engrained in truth. Some would take this to mean that journalism should be completely free of biasts, but in actuality bias should not be eliminated from writing; no writing can be completely free of biases. People are naturally biased; they take sides and the journalist’s personal opinions and judgments seep into articles which they write. But knowing this, it becomes a journalist’s task to decide which bias to allow into the story and which to keep out. There is no possible way to please everyone with any article written, but that does not mean to write things to intentionally upset or cause agitation to people.   Kovach advises that writers strive to be more systematic and conscious about facts bring correct as well as move towards transparency, speak to the reader as if they are on the same level, do not undervalue or underrate their intelligence.  Kovach also recommends that journalists avoid adding or deceiving or misleading, strive for transparency, maintain originality and humility, edit with skepticism as well as assume nothing, and keep an accurate checklist.


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