Libraries Still Important to Today’s Youth.

In today’s ever changing world of technology, some have begun to believe that reading is being outdated by technology. Instead of reading many generalize that the youth of today don’t read nor do they even visit the local library, inferring that they are therefore lacking a more comprehensive education which their parents had growing up. But a recent study by The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has found this to be quite incorrect. Their study was conducted nationally, lasted over a month and consisted of a survey of 2,986 people ages 16 and older. The study concluded that 83% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 read a book in the past year. Approximately 75% read a print book, 19% read an e-book, and 11% listened to an audiobook. While although many people surveyed read using an e-book or listened to an audio tape, the vast majority of them read a physical book and people of all ages found the library to be important.

Libraries in the greater Pittsburgh area try to bring people in with various activities. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which has locations all across the region, have activities to partake in such as reading and circle time for young children, games, graphics, movies and hangouts for teens, crafting, reading groups and such for anyone who wants to get involved, to draw people into the library and get them not only involved but the opportunity to check out a book. Considering the study showed that 60% of Americans under age 30 used the library in the past year, the Carnegie Library probably gets quite a bit of foot traffic with all the students, families, and elderly living in the area.


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