Social Media: A Blessing for Business


Eating, breathing, tweeting, and business, that’s what society is coming to.

In the past decade the language and everyday culture of society has changed.  With the advent of social media, new idioms such as tweeting, creeping, posting, and the ever popular ‘like’ button, have changed interactiosn greatly. Instead of composing a letter to a favorite band or company, one can simply post or tweet them and there is a great chance they’ll respond.  People who have found more advantages than disadvantages to being involved with social media.

To speak with someone who is not plugged in to social media is nearly impossible.  Some businesses are run strictly off these sites, without even a hard website or a distinct url.  Over 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook and many bfacebook-like-us-logousinesses everywhere have signs up in their windows with the familiar thumbs up saying “Like us on Facebook” or bird chirping “Follow us on Twitter.”  Companies that do not have online sites, in particular, social media sites, find themselves at a distinct disadvantage, considering one in nine people is on Facebook.  It’s become a part of mainstream advertising to have a link to a social media site on a company web site, encouraging people to get connected and learn more about upcoming activities and changes in the company.

But there are still those who have yet to plug into the social media revolution. Take for example Pam Mortello, a vendor in Market Square for the Holiday Market this  season, at fifty-eight years old, she does not have any online dealings whatsoever, including an email account.  Mortello does not even have cable.  But she plans on changing all that very soon “I am computer illiterate…My housemate and I we don’t have a land line, we don’t have a computer, we don’t even have cable. But I said it’s time we have to join the human race here, to catch up. So we’re getting cable installed next week…We’re gonna have a houseline phone, computer, and internet access. ‘Cause anywhere you go, stores or wherever, ‘Your email address?’ ‘Do you want to be on a mailing list?  Do you email?’ It’s just everywhere.”

And while Mortello is just startigorilla dustng to plug in to the social media revolution, others have already discovered the advantages of it.  Kimberly Kelley owns and operates “Gorilla Dust Designs” a handmade jewelry business.  When it comes to her business and the internet, she finds social media beneficial, “As far as my business site goes I’ve found it to be sort of helpful because when I have new products I can post them on there and get feedback.”

Social media is not going anywhere, companies and people need to get on board.  Forbes printed an article, illuminating facts about social media sites and some associated risks such as productivity and slander.  These sites will be still be used regardless of risks, so businesses everywhere need to learn to manage the risks associated with these sites and to make them a benefit rather than a detriment.


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