Fill the Gap.

It’s May.  Obviously I’ve done a stupendous job of keeping this blog updated so here’s one to bridge the gap….

For future warning: the last few posts on this were the result of assignments for a course I was taking, it’s technically summer so if anyone’s actually reading this or plan on continuing to follow, read, or just creep (I personally encourage all of the above), it’ll be personal bits like sports, music, and me, not assignments.

I write the way my thoughts flow so this will most likely get messy.

Survived another year at Duquesne, and I’m still breathing to tell the tale.  I’ve been writing bits again, that’s what happens when I feel.  After shooting them off to some friends, might try taking their advice in getting some published.  Or just taking that old sketch book and filling it up with some calligraphied works for personal enjoyment.  Because what’s life without a little art?

I’m in Jersey.  In a weird way it feels as if I never left.  I live in a sleepy little suburb of New York City, where nothing bad could ever possibly happen, so its trapped within its own never changing bubble.  But yet everything has changed.  Life is ever shifting, drifting, flowing, growing, and I can attest to that.  As I sit here in my room it feels as if I moved out in after graduation, yet I’m here.

Jersey’s home.  Pittsburgh’s home.  There is no simple definition of ‘home’ anymore.  The highway calls out my name, with no end point in sight.  Its as if I’ve had my heart cut up and the pieces have been strewn across the states and left with people I care about.  One big bloody trail spanning highways and homes.  Basically I’ll be living out of my car.

But for now, I’ve gotta finish up some things before this burst of productivity leaves me(or go snag something extremely sugary).  Some totally predictable wild and crazy 21 yr old I am, cleaning, unpacking, and writing, on a Saturday night.

But expecting the unexpected makes the unexpected the expected.
So rather than expecting, lets just be surprised with the outcome no matter what.


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