Sugar Coated Notes.

I was recently thinking of a night last June, when I was visiting a few friends in Pittsburgh, it was 3 am, we started discussing music, while listening to the stereo in our car. Why is it we like the music that we do? What is it about these songs? We got rather philosophical, comparing songs and genres to candies, such as pop music and the song “Starships” by Nicki Minaj, being like spun sugar Easter eggs, sweet and fun to eat but ultimately hollow with a short life span. But other songs like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” was more of a chocolate bunny, with more depth and substance, a treat that people would continue to come back for and enjoy long after it first hits the shelves(we might’ve also been dying for candy at the time). But I’ve really loved this idea of comparing pop music to hollow sugars, so with my recent lack of sleep, I’ve had a bit of time to mull it over and here’s a brief ramble of thoughts (based on my personal tastes). If you’ve got any thoughts or opinions I’d love to hear ’em-feel free to shoot here or elsewhere online.

Pop is the novelty concession.  Nearly every public place I go has some sort of generic sounding pop song playing, the latest from Britney Spears, PSY, Madonna, or the latest MTV craze so as to appear current and hip.  Its the generic cotton candy you have to have at a carnival, because its there. It doesn’t require you to really think that much, so full of sugar and usually nothing else, leaving you hungry for more as soon as its gone.

Country and Folk music are candied or mixed nuts. Totally crazy. Nah not entirely true. When I was little, I couldn’t stand country music or folk or nuts, however over time it has kinda slightly grown on me(certain songs and I know precisely who to blame for this and she hears it all the time) so I tolerate it more than I used to so its become something to switch up the mix.

Alternative is a bag of chips. Its always there when I’ve got a craving for it, and there are a ton of variety to choose from. Its a little saltier and more out, generally speaking. I mean there’s Sunchips as well as Doritos or even Cheetos.  Alternative music encompasses a ton of different styles and groups, such as Franz Ferdinand, Linkin Park, Muse etc and there doesn’t seem to be any strict barriers from calling something alt.

Metal is chocolate. White, milk, dark, all thats bitter, the familiar, the sweetest. Generally drizzled onto most of my mixes for some extra flavour or a twist. It can be bitter, raw, blunt and in your face, like “Whore” from In This Moment or surprisingly sweet such as “Silent Lucidity” from Queensryche. I can always go for some, though the severity and quantity changes. Its not something that I’m always craving, but when I am, man do I go on a binge.

Rock is my sugar. Classic, alternative, crossover, new, questionable, whatever. I sprinkle it on everything. I’ve got the teenist bit of a sweet tooth (eating chocolate covered caramel corn as I type this) and crave sugary bits nearly anytime of day or night, I can always go for something sticky sweet. That’s true of me for rock music as well. I grew up listening to rock music, headbanging, and singing my lungs out at shows, in my room, and in my car. If I’m out somewhere and a rock song comes on, it psychs me up. Doesn’t matter what mood I’m in I’ll take a hit of Aerosmith, Halestorm, Sixx AM etc, and its just makes my day all the better.


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