Congrats Grad! Now, What Next?

Duquesne University Class of 2015: BSBA in Sports Marketing and BA in Journalism.

But what does that mean? What comes next?

I just graduated from a well known, accredited institution and have been (unsuccessfully so far) applying for jobs and sending out resumes for the past two months, so naturally I’m starting to feel stuck.  What do I do next?

Most of my graduating class and friends have found careers that they enjoy, some before graduation, others within the subsequent months.  And I understand that I should remain calm and patient, but its so damn hard to actually do.  I’m not used to feeling like I have no control or options for my next step right now.  Graduating high school was easy as cake.  I applied and was accepted with merit based scholarships to five well known schools, it was my choice to decide which one to go with.  ultimately who gave the most scholarship and aid and offered more of what I wanted (at the time that list consisted of a professional hockey team, pro or minor league baseball, and decent concert venues).  And for much of my time in college I was balancing a part time job, commuting, 18 credits a semester, dating, and the occasional dog or small child watching.  All of which I loved and kept me quite busy.  So now its hard to basically sit back and have patience.  I went from something to do, somewhere to be every day and almost every night to “take a deep breathe and keep applying, something will come soon.” It nearly makes me want to scream.  This week I am taking the peace and quiet, using that time to clean, unpack, and do things around the house, enjoying every minute of being home with my family.  But the near constant barrage from relatives of ‘what are you doing now?’ ‘where are you going next?’ what are you going to do with your life?’ is starting to make me anxious.

What am I doing with my life? I’ve been applying for jobs for quite some time now,  and I thought I was close but this morning I got the “while you are a well qualified candidate we have decided to move forward in a different direction” email from a position that I had been hopeful for. The more rejections I get the closer I am though right? Every no is a step closer to the right job?  In the meantime I decided to start volunteering at a local animal shelter (the only positive response I’ve received so far) which I am looking forward to sometime within the next month.

I guess the next move is to keep typing away sending out applications and crossing my fingers.  Since I don’t have classes or work I’m sure I’ll be writing more at any rate. Its so frustrating to think that no one is actually reading any of the applications that I’ve sent out, I suppose that’s why I’m publishing this instead of just keeping it on my desktop til whenever, for the chance that some one will read and relate.

If you’re reading this and have any productive suggestions for job searches or how to keep calm in the midst of searching, comment or drop a line, patience is a virtue I’m obviously still trying to master.


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