Memorial Day Badminton Invitational 2017

It was a gray and temperate day in the valley, the field was measured and lined to regulation standards the previous day. Rackets and shuttlecocks were aligned on the side porch, chairs and tables were awaiting the crowd. As people filed in the young and the hungry rushed down to get in practice shots before the festivities officially kicked off.
Competitors picked numbers from a Phillies cap to determine matchups for this years bracket. In a double elimination style tournament after a loss competitors were moved to the losers bracket where they had a chance at redemption. Snacks and drinks were moved downstairs to the sidelines for bystanders waiting anxiously for the first match.

Jordan, the 9 time tournament champion was looking to extend his reign. The youngest competitor this year, Jake, was battling a summer cold but was hopeful in becoming the youngest competitor to win, setting a new record. Other competitors simply hoped to improve their statistics, partake in some good tournament fun, or make Harambe proud on the 1st anniversary of his passing.

This year had all the drama, fathers pitted against sons, husbands against wives, and brothers against brothers. After hard fought hours worth of matches, the end was near. Andrew beat his father to play his brother, Jordan, for the title. Jordan finished Andrew in two game to set a record 10 tournament wins.

Afterwards the young and young at heart strung up white Christmas lights on the net and brought out the glow in the dark shuttlecocks to play 3 on 3 as the rest made a fire and made s’mores (the official sponsor of this years tournament). As per tradition, one wayward neon green birdie made its way into the fire on an errant hit, and proceeded to explode when the fire consumed the small battery.

Festivities died down, competitors said their congratulations and goodbyes and began preparing for next year.

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